Can I choose what day I have my clean-out?

Yes! We work based on your schedule and will do everything possible to accommodate your scheduling needs. If, for any reason, we have a clean-out already scheduled for your requested date, we will do everything we can to work with you to meet your scheduling needs.

Do you take old paint?

As paint in liquid form is now considered hazardous/chemical waste, we typically do not remove or dispose of paint. However, most cities and towns offer a local location where used/old paint can be brought and properly disposed of for a fee. We are happy to transport old paint to one of these locations but will have to pass on the paint disposal fees to you, our customer.

Do you remove asbestos insulation or tiles?

We do not dispose of asbestos in any form as a special permit and/or license is required in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to properly remove and dispose of asbestos. We can, however, refer you to professional companies that specialize in hazardous material removal and disposal.

What if my location is outside of your service area?

While we focus on serving locations within a 25 mile radius of Boston, we are happy to travel to any location on a case-by-case basis to serve our clients. Additional fuel and disposal costs will apply where applicable.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes! In addition to check, cash, Venmo and Paypal, Mass Junk accepts all major credit cards.

What about items for donation?

Whenever possible, Mass Junk will donate items, including clothes, furniture and other household items. This not only saves us and our clients the cost of paying to dispose of re-usable items but also saves the planet.

What does broom-clean mean? I found this term in the purchase and sale agreement of my home sale?

In Massachusetts, usually when a home is sold, there will be a clause in the purchase and sale agreement that stipulates the home/property must be left in broom-clean condition. This term is a legal term used to describe how the internal condition of the home and grounds/property must be left. In essence, any item not physical attached to the interior or structure must be removed unless specifically stipulated in the purchase and sale agreement. For example; if the new owner/buyer of the home requests that the drapes or curtains be left, that direction/detail needs to be written into the purchase and sale agreement or a separate document/contract. Everything else, all non-affixed or attached items need to be removed from the home/property prior to the closing.

What about mattresses, TVs, Computer Monitors, and Propane Tanks?

We are able to remove and properly dispose of mattresses, TVs, Computer Monitors and Propane Tanks. However, as the State of Massachusetts requires additional fees for the disposal and/or remediation of these items, those additional charges will be added to the total cost of the removal.