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“Take Out” Debris & Junk Removal Rates

Mass Junk removal rates include removal, clean-up, and disposal and/or donation. Truck loads are based on approximately 11 cubic yards. All rates include dump fees. Junk removal is offered 7 days a week throughout Boston, MA and surrounding cities.

Mass Junk’s “Take Out” Debris & Junk Removal Rates apply to jobs that require moving, lifting or carrying anything from inside a home, apartment, condo, backyard, or building.

1/4 truck load……. $180

1/2 truck load……. $475

3/4 truck load……. $700

Full truck load…… $950

Depending on the scope of the job these prices could be more or could be less. So please allow us to come out and give you the best possible price. In order to do that we need to see the actual job.

Solid fill is priced differently and would need a site inspection first.

We offer a 10% senior discount.


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